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Our Goals:
~ to break the 500 mph barrier at the next Bonneville Speed Week and become the fastest wheel driven car on the planet.
~ to inspire young people in the importance of math and science, showing what can be accomplished in these fields.
~ to develop new power plants that showcase non-government funded sustainable alternative rules such as natural gas and electric.
~ to develop extremely fuel efficient cars that significantly exceed current fuel mileage records.
What sets Carbinite LSR ahead of the crowd:
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Past efforts and current mindset in building Streamliners has focused on keeping the car aerodynamically neutral (no lift of downforce). This necessitates the addition of significant amounts of ballast to obtain enough traction for acceleration, resulting in two problems:

1. The racing surface at Bonneville is not as flat as it once was due to deterioration of the salt. This causes the car to skip across the salt at higher speeds, breaking traction.

2. The increased weight of the cars leads to slower acceleration. Cars may run out of track prior to reaching maximum speed.

The Carbinite LSR Streamliner design has addressed these problems. The Carbinite Streamliner is truly unique despite the fact that is was loosely conceived from successful rocket car designs of the early seventies. The math and science behind Carbinite LSR does not lie. Lord willing, we will be successful.

As an extension of Carbinite LSR, we are visiting schools and educational programs across the country to get students excited about a future in math and science. This project showcases many skills and potential careers, including computer-aided drafting, fabrication, and engineering.
Unique Marketing:
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The Carbinite LSR project offers a unique marketing opportunity for the right enterprise. Not only will we set records at Bonneville, we will inspire a generation of students to explore careers in technical field. We will expand current and research future alternative fuels. Please contact us today to explore a partnership with Carbinite LSR!